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Our Mission and Vision


The BHSQ Vision is:

BHSQ will work to become the awarding body of choice for all education in equestrian sport and recreational activity.

To achieve our vision, our mission is:

BHSQ will provide leadership and support enhanced standards of education in equestrianism, through the development of knowledge, skills and competencies in our community, in a way that is valued by employers, learners and stakeholders, especially in partnership with members of the British Equestrian Federation. 

Our BHSQ Values guide our actions through our work:

  • Performance - we strive to succeed in all our endeavors and deliver excellence through education.
  • Partnership - we work in collaboration to be innovative and find solutions to shared issues. Be open and honest at all times. 
  • Professionalism - we remain objective and professional at all times; acting with integrity in an ethical way, treating everyone with respect.
  • Passion - we are passionate in all endeavors, working and communicating for the benefit of our stakeholders.