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Quality Assurance


Our Quality Assurance is based around:

  1. The approval processes for centres and the qualifications they wish to offer
  2. Our monitoring of centres’ compliance with BHSQ requirements
  3. Our external verification/moderation process.


We aim to support our customer service, provide benefits for our centres and add value to our operations and services by ensuring we can:

  • handle centre recognition and qualification approval applications promptly
  • improve our processing capacity for recognition, approval and monitoring
  • develop our verification management and reporting capacity
  • process and handle reasonable adjustments and special considerations efficiently
  • process allegations and appeals within our customer service timescales
  • manage risk and centre action plans
  • utilise enhanced data security, including secure storage of recognised centre documents, details and reports with easier, more secure and auditable access for staff, partners and EVs
  • improve communication with all stakeholders
  • enable clear and auditable lines of responsibility.