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BHSQ Level 1 Certificate in BHS Horse Knowledge and Care


Qualification Level: 1


Total Qualification Time:

208 hours (of which 160 are Guided Learning Hours)


Qualification purpose

By successfully completing this qualification, learners will know the basic principles of horse care. They will be able to, under supervision, safely and efficiently undertake routine daily tasks involving horses in the stable and at grass. This qualification will offer the learner a sound foundation to progress into employment and future learning and development in horse care.


Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is for learners looking to start a career with horses. Learners may be seeking employment in the industry or are already employed and are seeking recognition of their skills. The qualification is also for anyone who is looking to enhance their knowledge in the care and management of horses. Please refer to entry requirements at unit level.


Age range

This qualification is available to learners who are 13 years and above.


What could this qualification lead to?

Learners completing this qualification could access roles in areas such as:

  • Assistant groom
  • Yard assistant

Employment in these roles could be in a variety of equestrian environments including; riding schools, competition yards (any discipline), livery yards, private yards, studs, racing yards, police and military, and welfare or veterinary centres.

This qualification offers progression to level 2 awards, please contact The BHS for further information.


To download the qualification specification click here.


For more information about this qualification please visit the BHS website.