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BHSQ Level 3 (Stage 3) qualifications – suite of 8 awards


BHS Qualifications (BHSQ) provide qualifications to support different career pathways allowing learners to choose the one best suited to their aspirations. BHSQ Level 3 (Stage 3) qualifications give learners specialist knowledge and technical skills, for employment in the equine industry and provide progression to the BHSQ Level 4 (Stage 4) suite of qualifications. These qualifications may also support learners in further or higher education and employment.


The qualifications within the suite are:


Please click here to download the qualification specification for the BHSQ Level 3 (Stage 3) suite of qualifications.

These qualifications have been developed in line with feedback from industry ensuring it meets the needs of employers and learners. BHSQ regularly review qualifications to ensure they are fit for purpose. If there are any aspects that are not clear, are ambiguous or do not sufficiently meet the needs of industry, please contact BHSQ on


Delivery of qualifications

The BHSQ Level 3 (Stage 3) qualifications are delivered through The British Horse Society (BHS). The BHS is approved by BHSQ as a centre for the delivery of BHSQ qualifications. They are part of the BHS Career Pathways which offers learners the opportunity to progress their career and learn practical skills. The BHS provides advice and guidance through every stage of learner development.

Further details of the BHS Career Pathways can be found on the BHS website:

Find BHS Professional Qualifications


Training for BHSQ qualifications

Practical training is strongly recommended with a suitably qualified BHS Accredited Professional. Training can occur via many methods, such as attending a BHS Approved Riding Centre, in your place of employment or at home/your facilities with your own horse/s.

It is advised to choose a BHS Accredited Professional who is qualified to at least one level above the qualification the learner is training for. A list of Accredited Professionals, and BHS Approved Riding Centres is available on the BHS website:

Find your nearest BHS Accredited Professional

Find your nearest BHS Approved Training Centre


The BHS also have supporting resources available to support training and development:

The BHS Shop


The BHS also promote training courses and events suitable for learners training towards BHS qualifications. These can be found on the BHS website:

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Professional expectations

BHSQ work closely with the sector and employers in particular. Once a learner has achieved a BHSQ qualification, they are likely to be working in the sector. It is essential all those working in the sector have a sufficient understanding of their legal responsibilities to protect both the horse and their clients and colleagues. This includes safeguarding, health and safety, first aid, equality, diversity, inclusion and data protection.

It is always the responsibility of the employer or self-employed person to ensure practices are safe, effective and legal. BHSQ encourages all those working in the sector to have current BHS First Aid or First Aid at Work and Safeguarding for Equestrians.


For more information about these qualifications please visit the BHS website.